De Belofte van God

I'll start with an excuse. I am Dutch, I have a poor command of the English language. This has been translated with Google Translate. There are terms that have been mistranslated. If you want or can correct sentences, please state so. Copy and paste the wrong part, with the correct translation underneath. Grateful for your understanding and help. 

There are many pages and old writings that can be downloaded in PDF, see the Downloads page.
I believe that all scriptures are grafted onto the truth of God.

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1 Thessalonians 5:17,21 Pray without ceasing. Try all things, keep what is good.

Job 5:27 'Behold this, we have examined it, so it is; and you, listen to it and know it for yourself.'

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There are 64 poems in the Dutch language. These poems have all been translated into the English language.

Unfortunately it no longer rhymes.

Accompanying texts to the downloads are mainly in the Dutch language.

If you would like more information, you can of course ask for this free of charge and without obligation by e-mail.
Everything on the website is logically offered to you completely free of charge, because the word of God costs nothing.

I put four texts in a row:  Matthew 24:36-38  || 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5 || Daniel 12:9 || Amos 3:7

“But when all this will happen, on what day and at what time, nobody knows. Even the angels in heaven do not know. Only the Father knows.

I need not write to you when and under what circumstances all this will happen, my friends. For you know that the great day of the Lord will come quite unexpectedly, like a thief in the night. While the people say, "There is rest and peace, there is no danger of any kind," destruction will suddenly overtake them, like the labor pains of a pregnant woman. They won't be able to run anywhere.

Brothers and sisters, HOWEVER, YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE DARK.

That day will not come upon you like a thief. For you are all children of the light, children of the day.

For everything I have said will remain misunderstood UNTIL the end times. 

Verily, the Lord GOD does nothing unless He has revealed His mystery to His servants the prophets.

Total time from the Fall to the Eternal Promised Land, that is the final promise to Abraham.

120 Jubilees x 49 = 5880 (1986) + 40 years (Exodus 14: 32-35) = 5920 (2026) years. After that 1000 Years Reich: 5920 + 1000 = 6920 (3026) years.

Below is a unique and complete timeline up to and including the year 2450. This is the year the Israelites first faced Canaan.

This testifies to the truth of the Most High.