Jesus was born on September 29, 3BC

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Tertulian was born about 160 AD and was a Roman historian of that time.

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The star of Bethlehem is also an astronomical phenomenon or should I say: "God has arranged everything so incredibly precisely." There are many more astronomical phenomena, both in the past, the present and in the future. God's calendar is just as exact as God constructed astronomy.

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I don't celebrate Christmas because I have a good reason to. Jesus was born on September 29, 3 BC. (Gregorian reckoning). Celebrating his birthday - no Apostle has ever done that - on an incorrect day with a basis like the one you can read below is cursing in the church. No denomination speaks the truth and that starts with the below. December 25 is the "date of birth" of the idol Mithra and the sun god Matahari.

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